Google creates a mythical town in UK

IT Portal is reporting that Google Maps is showing a town, named “Argleton”, in Lancashire that apparently does not exist at all, and the location where it has been marked on the service is actually a huge surface area covered with grass fields.

Since the mythical town appeared on the online map service, a large number of people and businesses that were in and near where it was meant to be, had also subsequently turned out to be the residents of a non-existent town.

The town, which nestles just south of Ormskirk in Lancashire, is increasingly becoming a popular hashtag on the microblogging website Twitter, with some people even talking about merchandising opportunities in it.

The striking emergence of the new town on perhaps the most reliable online mapping service Google Maps has created big confusion among the internet community, with some of the users believing it to be a joke, others feel that it is a measure to stop map stealing.

Interestingly, some people have gone to the extent to apply semantics on the name of the town, and rearranged the letters in Argleton to form “Not a real G”, with G referring to Google.

Others believe that Argleton is a trap made by people who created Google Maps, in order to catch people who steal data from the service for their own cartographic objectives

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