Two more newspapers may pull out of Google news

This is getting insane.

According to Bloomberg, the publishers of the Denver Post and the Dallas Morning News may pull some of their stories from Google News, heading down the same road as News Corp.

The Denver Post’s publisher MediaNews Group told Bloomberg that it will block Google News when it brings on its pay-wall next year. Dallas Morning News is also exploring a subscription model and will too withdraw from Google News.

This is how EVP James Moroney at A.H. Belo Corp (which owns the Morning News) explained it:

“This is traffic that’s not being monetized to any great degree… It’s akin to a person who drops into town, buys one copy of your newspaper and leaves town again and yet you spend a whole bunch of time building your business around that type of customer.”

It’s obvious that execs are forced to make drastic decisions in a time when newspaper sales are dropping — but really, the question to ask is this: What do companies actually gain by pulling of search engines? Search is an important distribution point that help sprays traffic in your direction. The problem isn’t with Search, it’s what you do on your end when the traffic arrives. Charge the user when they get there. But don’t kill off how they find you.

Original idea and story – Alan Soon – Managing Editor at Yahoo South-East Asia based in Singapore


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