Broadband tax to be levied per line not per household, says report

The government’s proposed £6 annual broadband levy would be charged per phone line rather than per household according to leaked government documents seen by The Times.

The tax will also include VAT, meaning that a household with separate phone lines for telephone, fax and broadband would pay £21.15 a year, rather than the £6 that had been mooted initially.

The tax is being introduced to help pay for the introduction of super-fast broadband delivery in rural areas of Britain. It is part of the Finance Bill that will be introduced early next year.

 The Times reports that up to 1.7 million households could be affected by the plan to charge per line, and that the tax will be levied not just on copper lines, as initially planned, but on high-speed fibre-optic connections. The charge is to be levied through phone bills. The Conservative Party has said that if it is voted in, plans for the broadband tax will be scrapped.


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