New Facebook designs leak out

Some new designs for Facebook pages have appeared with changes to its home page, search becoming more prominent (no surprise there) and a few other tweaks. French tech blog came across the pages, but there has been no response from Facebook according to Business Insider as yet to say whether they are the real thing or not. Although upon inspection the changes make a deal of sense.

The latest tweaks come after Facebook made a series of adjustments to its home-page design following a flood of complaints from users after its Spring redesign made the site more difficult to use. Among the new changes that the screen shots indicate the social networking site is working on include a unified main toolbar to make it easier to hop to the stuff you really want without those pesky Facebook sub menus, which make it feel sometimes like you’re on a social media treasure hunt, which is something I never want to go on, but that could just be me. In addition there are drop down menus to access things like chat and messages that all look good.  Go to the link at the bottom where the story came from and take a look for yourself.


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