Twitter Introduces Better Interface For Mobile Users

Micro-blogging phenomenon Twitter has unveiled a new beta version for its mobile web interface which can be accessed via a mobile device on Leland Rechis, who is in charge of user experience at Twitter, wrote on Twitter’s blog that his team had build a new web client from scratch using the startup’s own API. The new website works best on Webkit browsers apparently while others – including Microsoft and Blackberry – will need to wait as Twitter finetunes the service, which will no longer be located at

Rechis also added that “This is just the start, we’re excited about the new APIs launching at Twitter, and have been busy tinkering with some neat ways to use them. We look forward to sharing more cool things with you soon.” A number of third party applications have surfaced to fill the gaps left by the original web client, something that Twitter is keen to remedy.  What’s ironic is that some of these third party service providers are charging a pretty penny to deliver these improvements and are bringing in significant revenues.

Twitter has enlisted a number of mobile phone networks in the UK, such as Three, Vodafone, Orange and O2 to update their status for free via their mobile devices which might help explain why the site is the 13th most visited in this country.

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