Man Gets Job With 1 Tweet

A cover letter and resume might not be the only things you need to snag a job in this tough economy. A dose of creativity and innovation may also help you catch a recruiter’s eye.

Take the case of Hal Thomas who was applying for a job at marketing company BFG Communications. Instead of sending a resume and cover letter, he sent a tweet. That’s right, a one-liner on Twitter.

It said, “@BFGCom @SloaneKelley It seems that BFG’s future could be looking bright! More info at .”

The tweet links to a doctored photo of himself on the cover of a fake Wired magazine cover, and his blog.

Thomas told MSNBC , “My goal was to be memorable.” Sloane Kelley, BFG’s content director, praised Thomas’ creativity. “The job requires someone to be social media savvy, so by going to Twitter instead of the usual cover letter and resume route, I was able to get a sense of how applicants use social media and, more importantly, how they think,” she said.

Another recent example of using social media to get a social media job involved Eric Romer, a 26-year-old who applied for a marekting job at HeadBlade, a company that designs a product that shaves heads. Romer created a Twitter page and Facebook fan page, and posted videos on YouTube. He even created a Web site at in which he marketed himself for the job. He was eventually hired by the company for his efforts.

Eve Tahmincioglu of MSNBC said what sets these kinds of applicants apart is that they thought about the jobs they were applying for, geared their pitch to the company’s mission, spent time figuring out the best way to sell themselves and took risks.


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