Google is extending its Fast Flip news service to European publishers, including The Telegraph.

Fast Flip, which presents web articles in a magazine-style layout with ‘pages’ that readers can turn, launched three months ago with publishers who were almost all American. In addition to The Telegraph, Google is adding 55 new publishers to the service including two more in the UK, the Independent and the Express. “We’re pleased to be part of this experiment aimed at improving the reader’s engagement with our journalism, by using technology to give readers a broader view of our content, delivering the important benefit of wider awareness of the ‘news’ – rather like flicking through a newspaper,” said William Lewis, managing director, digital and editor-in-chief of Telegraph Media Group.

Google has been criticised by some news publishers, who accuse the search company of making money from their traffic. Google insists that it simply sends traffic to news sites and has recently undertaken measures to show its support for publishers. Fast Flip is one such endeavour but the company has also announced improvements to its First Click Free service, which allows publishers to set limits on how much content visitors from Google can see before they are asked to subscribe.

Google last week launched the Living Story, which gather stories on a specific topic together on one page, making it easier for readers to track new developments.

Clara Armand-Delille, Google’s communications and public affairs manager, said: “We continue to engage with publishers on a regular basis, to find out first-hand how we can work together to tackle some of the challenges of the online world from a technological perspective.”


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