UK languishing in high-speed broadband league

The UK is lagging behind other major European nations when it comes to access to high-speed broadband lines.

Only one in ten British internet connections had a headline speed of 8Mbits/sec or greater at the end of 2008, according to Ofcom’s annual International Communications Market report. That leaves Britain languishing behind France, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands, according to Ofcom’s research, which covers nine European states.

The Netherlands is particularly well catered for, with 37% of its connections exceeding 8Mbits/sec, with Sweden close behind on 33%. Just over a quarter of the connections in France soar above 8Mbits/sec, with 16% of German broadband users enjoying 8Mbits/sec or more.

On the plus side, we don’t pay as much for broadband as our better equipped European rivals. The average revenue per broadband line is £29 in the UK, compared to £36 in France and £33 in Germany. The poor Italians, who have fewer high speed connections than we do, pay a staggering £41 per connection, on average.


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