Orange reveals future of broadband Britain

Mobile telecoms and broadband company Orange has unveiled a map detailing how the population densities of UK regions would change if truly universal, high-speed broadband was rolled out across the country.

The survey found that, given the option of easy access to the internet, populations in Scotland and the south-west would swell as people migrated.

Northern England and the Midlands would lose numbers.

The survey also highlighted the trends for remote working around the country, as faster broadband speeds and wider access to mobile broadband increases.

Robert Ainger, director of corporate marketing of Orange UK, said: ‘Our research found that a digitally connected workforce could change the face of Britain as we know it. Not only could the population itself shift, but the way we work could also fundamentally change.

‘The interactive map means that visitors to the site can quickly check out their current location or somewhere else that takes their fancy, to see how things are likely to pan out there in future.’

Orange also found that UK businesses could save as much as £31.7 billion by giving employees more flexibility in choosing where they work


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