Piracy bill to cost broadband users extra £25/year

UK broadband users are to get a £500 million bill for tackling online piracy, according to a report in today’s Times newspaper, working out at £25 per user per year.

Ministers have confirmed that the Digital Economy Bill, which has already generated mass protest, will force ISPs to raise the costs of an average broadband subscription by £25 a year, costs associated with warning users, then slowing or stopping the connections of those who subsequently refuse to stop downloading.

Ministers have also confirmed that the measures will result in £1.7 billion in extra sales for the music and film industries, and an extra £350 million for the government in extra VAT.

Charles Dunstone of the Carphone Warehouse, who has been a vocal critic of the scheme, said, “Broadband consumers shouldn’t have to bail out the music industry. If they really think it’s worth spending vast sums of money on these measures then they should be footing the bill; not the consumer.”

A spokeman for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, said, “the overall benefits to the country far outweigh the costs.”



2 thoughts on “Piracy bill to cost broadband users extra £25/year

  1. Katie Sutton

    I work for the Open Rights Group, who are campaigning against the Digital Economy Bill on the basis that it is unfair and disproportionate.
    We’re asking UK citizens to get in touch with their MP and explain to them why the Bill must be stopped, and possibly to meet them at one of their surgeries to discuss the specific problematic points of the Bill in detail.

    We believe that visits and letters from voters will help change the minds of MPs currently for the proposals; our representatives will then see that people care about their rights and, as their duty is to vote in accordance with constituents’ opinions, we hope that they will then oppose the Bill.

    If you, or your readers, want to know more details about the specific problems picked out by ORG and its supporters, don’t know who your MP is, need help with wording a letter or arranging a meeting with them, drop me an email – katie@openrightsgroup.org – and I’ll do my best to get you the information you need; all you have to do is the talking.


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