02 invests in network coverage

Mobile phone operator 02 is to spend ‘ hundreds of millions of pounds’ in 2010 to prevent a repeat of service outages suffered by customers this year.

The chief executive of O2 UK, Ronan Dunne, apologised yesterday to customers in London who were intermittently unable to make calls, as the operator’s network was swamped with traffic. A spokesman for O2 said it had been overwhelmed by an ‘absolute explosion’ in customers surfing the web or using smartphones, such as the iPhone, to download applications. 

O2 customers have been hit harder than those of rivals because the operator was until recently the only British firm to carry the iPhone, which weighs particularly heavily on mobile phone networks due to its online content. But the company will spend heavily during 2010 to ensure uninterrupted connection for users. O2, owned by Spain’s Telefonica, has spent £500m since 2007 to prepare for the traffic increase sparked by the flood of smartphones on the market.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/article-1239317/02-invests-network-coverage.html#ixzz0bAMYQeKy


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