UK Govt needs to back superfast broadband, says expert

An expert has claimed the government is failing to fully support the deployment of superfast broadband in the UK, which may concern IT outsourcing users. Edd Dawson, editor of, said the UK government is not as committed to the widespread roll-out of next-generation internet as leaders of other countries and suggested this is causing frustration among users. “Lip service is being given to it at the moment but there is no serious desire from government to sort it out. That is where the serious issue lies,” he continued. Mr Dawson also claimed that none of the major political parties have demonstrated a commitment to introducing superfast broadband across the whole country, but said he hopes this will change in the next year. The expert also said that if the UK fails to roll out next-generation internet, it risks losing its competitive advantage to countries which have invested in the technology. A recent report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development put the UK in 21st place when looking at broadband speeds in 30 nations.,-says-expert


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