BE Introduces £7.50 Capped Broadband Value Package

Telefonica-owned Be Broadband has unveiled a new 8mbps budget value package for only £90 per year (or £7.50 per month), a deal that not only undercuts its current lowest offer significantly but also introduces a 40GB monthly download quota.

The rest of the package is equivalent to what is currently available across the other Be products. That includes an upload speed of 1.3mbps, ADSL2+ capable wireless modem, free 24-hour phone support as well as a 12-month contract.

Interestingly, Be said that the package will be unlimited until the 30th of June 2010 and users that will be looking for speeds higher than 8mbps or regularly downloading more than 40GB per month will be migrated to the more expensive £13.50 per month package.

Tom Williams (Head of Operations) at BE said that “The trends we’re seeing are for no traffic management allowing more freedom and of course lower prices. Our members demand the freedom to prioritise and think for themselves, not have their broadband provider do it for them.”

Be will be facing some tough competition though from its own stable (O2) and Talktalk. The latter, which is currently the biggest consumer ISP in the country even goes as far as offering free evening and weekend calls to the UK, all for £6.99 per month

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