Do leaked patents reveal new iPhone?

It does not take a genius to assume that Apple are likely working on a fourth generation iPhone, but so far it’s been slim pickings in terms of solid details on the project. While a new set of leaked patents neither deny nor confirm rumours, they give a pretty good indication of where Apple are heading with their new handset.

According to the patents, Apple look to be planning on including location sharing features into the handset. With it, location data could be sent through a text or instant messaging service, letting you quickly tell your friends your whereabouts in relation to where they are.

For further fuel to this rumour’s fire, think back to last year, when Apple canned the similar Google Latitude app on the iPhone. Why push Google’s offering when you’ve got your own in the pipeline, eh? With Apple recently snapping up map makers PlaceBase, location features are a safe bet in the new iPhone.

A front-facing camera is also hinted at and there’s also mention of instant messaging abilities. Could we soon be using an iChat app on our iPhones with facial recognition capabilities? Here’s hoping


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