Orange and Vodafone braced for iPhone data avalanche

The extra data traffic which plagued O2 when it launched the iPhone will not be a problem claim Orange and Vodafone. Orange have already launched the iPhone and Vodafone are set to do so on 14 January. Jeni Mundy, Vodafone UK’s CTO, said the company has spent “millions” strengthening its core network to deal with the increased demand on its networks as it phases out analogue voice for digital.

Data accounts for half the traffic across Vodafone’s network, a figure which looks set to grow as customers start to rely more on their smartphone. Over at Orange – who have just encompassed T-Mobile’s UK network – the company has introduced what it terms high density (HD) voice which expands the frequency range of mobile signal and improves signal quality.

The reason for these quick claims of stealth is that O2 networks struggled when they took on the iPhone. Traffic increased 18-fold in as many months. To make they don’t run into similar problems with “iPhone Killer” the Palm Pre, O2 has installed an extra 200 base stations in London and is talking to Nokia Siemens to optimise their infrastructure

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