Top German magazine trades models for “real” women

Germany’s top-circulation women’s magazine, Brigitte, has started the New Year with a new concept: replacing professional models with real women. It’s a response, they say, to what the modern woman wants. Brigitte is the fashion and lifestyle bible for the German everywoman. Women flicking through the January issue will see just what they were expecting: diet tips, man-advice and models advertising clothing brands and accessories. But a closer look reveals a subtle change. The women wearing the clothes are not professional models, but everyday women. Brigitte is not the first to come up with the concept. In 2004, Dove beauty products launched their own hugely successful “Campaign for Real Beauty,” and they’ve been using laypeople as models ever since. But magazines have been slow to follow suit. Despite the ongoing debate over media images of superthin models and their effects on society, glamour – and svelte beauty – sells. The magazine, which sells some 700,000 copies month and enjoys a readership of 3 million an issue, has also stressed that its choice of real women will not mean an amateur approach to the photo shoots. Women from all countries, all ages and a lot of sizes are eligible to apply,,5093457,00.html


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