China to construct Bolivia’s first satellite

Bolivian president Evo Morales will be travelling to China in March to sign an agreement for the construction and launching of the country’s first telecommunications satellite, according to Bolivian government sources. Public Works, Services and Housing minister Walter Delgadillo said that Morales would be travelling in the second half of March to sign a commercial contract for the construction of a satellite, and 36 months later the satellite will be in orbit. A committee of at least fourteen Chinese experts is expected in the next few days in La Paz to meet with their Bolivian peers and “advance the project for the configuration of the satellite, its orbital position and different uses which have been planned”, he added. Mr Delgadillo said that the project should be finalized by the end of the month so that President Morales can travel with all the information to sign the contract for the project which will have a cost of USD 300m. Bolivian Deputy Telecommunication Minister Roy Mendez had previously announced that the project would be funded by a secured credit from a Chinese bank, and the partner in the project is the Chinese Great Wall Industrial Corp. Mr Delgadillo said that Bolivia opted for China because the country “has a great proven technological capacity and can also extend soft loans”.


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