German news publishers file complaint against Google

German newspaper and magazine publishers VDZ and BDZV have filed a complaint with the country’s Federal Cartel Office against US internet giant Google. While the precise foundation of the complaint has not yet been released, German publishers have previously expressed their belief that Google profits from their online content without offering them a fair share of advertising revenue. One of the main points in the complaint is believed to revolve around “snippets” from media websites and news articles which show up in lists on Google search results. Publishers say Google have not paid for the use of these articles, and that regulations must be tightened to protect the authors from plagiarism. VDZ and BDZV are not the only ones to have recently filed complaints against the internet giant. Ciao, a Microsoft-owned social networking site for shoppers, and online map company Euro-Cities have both expressed concern with Google’s business practices. However, neither the Federal Cartel Office nor the complaining parties have so far commented on the issue. Euro-Cities chief executive Hans Biermann said the parties agreed with the Cartel Office not to make the case fully public until January 20.,,5136257,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-ger-1023-rdf


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