LG Offers Flexible E-Paper for Newspapers

Most e-readers available in the market so far have been just too small for newspapers. Now South Korea’s LG Display on Jan. 14 has unveiled the prototype of a 19-inch flexible e-paper that’s almost as large as a page of a tabloid newspaper. The device, optimized for an e-newspaper, has yet to be packaged as a marketable product. LG Display specializes in display panels and doesn’t make any finished product. “This will be the start,” says LG spokesman Lee Bang Soo, adding that he expects a manufacturer to introduce a commercial e-reader that not only could replace newspapers and paper magazines but also allow users to enjoy audio and video content. The e-paper is virtually paper-thin with thickness of only 0.3 millimeters. It uses thin-film-transistor on metal foil rather than glass substrate to give the device flexibility. Measuring 25 centimeters by 40 centimeters (9.8 in. by 15.7 in), it weighs only 130 grams, though it will get thicker and heavier if a manufacturer wires it up with touchscreen technology to give full Internet access



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