E-commerce accounts for 12 per cent of EU business

Revenues from e-commerce accounted for some 12 percent of European business income last year, according to a recent EU report. The European Commission’s Eurostat office found that in many member countries firms were drawing significant revenues from ecommerce transactions mainly within their own borders. Domestic transactions accounted for 83 percent of e-commerce sales in the United Kingdom. Advertisement Ireland reported the highest percentage of e-commerce sales, with 26 percent of revenues coming from e-commerce. That country was also amongst the highest in sales outside of its own border, with nearly 40 percent of e-commerce turnover from outside its own borders. The study also found that the overwhelming majority of businesses in Europe utilize the web. Overall 93 per cent of businesses in EU states have some sort of internet access, while 82 per cent now use a fixed broadband connection. Additionally, eurostat reported that the use of RFID devices is on the up. Three per cent of European enterprises utilize some sort of RFID technology. Personal identification and access control applications were most popular, followed by inventory tracking, automated payment systems and anti-theft devices.


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