Foursquare teams up with Metro Canada

Local news-community Foursquare will cooperate in Canada with free daily Metro. According to Metro, Foursquare, is “one of the newest and fastest growing social networks in the world”. The service is mostly used by people who use their mobile phone to give tips about what they do or can do in a given location (restaurant, club, library, coffee bar) or post news on the service. Because users can select their location, the service works a ‘hyper local’ community. Foursquare also has game-features as users can give awards or become ‘mayor’ if they visit a place more often. As users can ‘follow’ other users, the service looks a lot like a localized version Twitter. Metro will add location-specific editorial content to the Foursquare service. To promote the partnership, Metro is running a contest to win one of five iPhones. Over the next 4 weeks, Foursquare players who follow Metro and check-in near where they pick up Metro will unlock a special Metro Foursquare badge and be automatically entered to win.

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