Google Adds More ‘Social’ to Search as its Transition to a ‘Social Media Company Continues

Google is trying to make users’ search results more social, adding new features to its search page and integrating relevant links from people you know and connect with online. As Maureen Heymans, Google’s technical lead for social search, writes on Google’s official blog, the company is planning to integrate “social circles” and “social content: “These links will take you to a new interface we’ve added where you can see the connections and content behind your social results. Clicking on “My social circle” shows your extended network of online contacts and how you’re connected. Clicking on “My social content” lists your public pages that might appear in other people’s social results. This new interface should give you a peek under the hood of how Social Search builds your social circle and connects you with web content from your friends and extended network.” There are two important points to this new feature, both of which are not necessarily about just seeing pictures from your friends in search results. First, Google is hoping to drive adoption of its Google Profile directory, which may end up being a staple of your identity online. Second, it’s a clear step in a new direction when it comes to adding more trust to the random results that typically show up on a search results page. As Google writes, “my friend’s blog is more relevant because I know and trust the author.”


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