Italians download ‘iMussolini’ to their iPhones – new wave of app-driven nostalgia for Il Duce

Available for about a week for only 79 cents (of a Euro), the’ iMussolini’ iPhone application allows Italians to load up an app on their phones that allows them to hear the Best Speeches of Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini (who so famously ended up dead hanging by his feet in a Milan square at the end of the Second World War, alongside one of his many mistresses).  Also available if a biography of ‘Il Duce’ or the ‘Great Leader’ and around 100 examples of his talks and extracts featuring him on video and on sound recordings. All of these are recognised historical archive documents already freely available to the public through libraries or the Internet. However, many Italians are gravely concerned about the success of ‘iMussolini’ as this has led to a wave of nostalgic-like comments for the man on Internet sites and also to many young people discovering Il Duce and his oratory for the first time. The developer of ‘iMussolini’ assures the worls that his iPhone app does not have any political character at all, that it does not celebrate fascism and that it only has a historical value.


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