Study finds Dutch youth not interested in mobile news or citizen journalism

A study carried out as part of an online survey by the research agency DECODE as part of an international benchmark project of the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers in 2008, has found that Dutch youth (based on 1,000 people between the ages of 15 to 29) are neither interested in receiving news via mobile applications nor taking part in citizen journalism projects. They also do not find newspaper sections aimed at young people a compelling reason to regularly pick up a paper. They do, however, judge news media fairly positively. Whilst initially surprising, the results of the study “Youth, news media and civic engagement,” are in line with findings of a new study by IBM’s Media and Entertainment Group, which shows that online news consumption has dropped among young adults, but risen among older consumers, calling into question the assumption that young people read more online news and older people favour printed publications. The study’s authors however, noted that it is important to avoid generalisation: Nico Drok and Fifi Schwarz, professor of media and civil society and managing director of Stichting Krant in de Klas respectively, state that there are obvious differences between those who do regularly read quality newspapers and those who do not, particularly in their levels of “interest in news and their civic engagement.” The study also showed that a large number of Dutch youth do indeed appreciate access to a wide variety of news media, but prefer stories that are more pertinent to their own lives


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