Free North Korean radio gives airtime to North Koreans

A Seoul-based Internet radio station that broadcasts to North Korea said it will air actual voices of North Korean residents for the first time in a feature programme this week. Free North Korea Radio, run by North Korean defectors, began shortwave broadcasts across the border in 2004 and now transmits programmes for five hours a day. The radio station plans to air accounts of North Korean complaints on the country’s economic policies in a seven-minute feature programme to be aired this Friday and Saturday. “There are four private stations in South Korea that broadcast to the North, but it will be the first time actual voices of North Koreans are being aired,” said Kim Seong-min, founder of the Free North Korea Radio. “We plan to air programs with live voices of North Koreans every week from now on.” Stringers in the North recorded the voices of residents near the border with China using hidden cameras and mini recorders, Kim said, adding that he could not disclose the video images of the interviewees for safety reasons


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