Survey – 25% Abandon Newspaper Web Video Story If Ad Runs up Front

One of every six users who check out an online video will click away before watching any of the actual video if an advertisement precedes it, according to new research from the video analytics company TubeMogul. That number leaps to about one in four for videos streamed by newspaper and magazine publisher Web sites, Tube Mogul said. By contrast, just 11 percent clicked away if a “pre-roll” ad appears when they are viewing video from a network broadcaster. “To publishers, these results present a clear tradeoff: run pre-roll ads, and potentially lose up to a quarter of your audience,” TubeMogul said. “Coupled with the fact that audiences are not necessarily captive to any particular publisher online, it paints a picture to publishers that is not entirely positive about pre-rolls.” Advertisers, too, should be wary, the company said: “As audiences continue to grow for professionally-produced video content, i.e. videos, how traditional ‘CPMs’ are counted will increasingly matter to an advertiser’s bottom line. If an ‘impression’ or ‘view’ is logged at the beginning of the pre-roll, for instance, then it’s possible advertisers are paying for viewers that never saw their ad.” A previous TubeMogul study showed that fully 81 percent of online video viewers click away if they encounter a video clip buffering during the stream


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