Newspapers enhanced by web, report says

Far from signing their own death warrant, newspapers have grown in stature and importance amid an explosion in online news, a report suggests. Mastheads have not been cannibalised by their websites. Instead, they offer complimentary usage throughout the day, making them harmonious rather than competing platforms, according to a report commissioned by The Newspaper Works. The organisation is a non-profit body set up to promote the newspaper industry. The report said printed newspapers and their websites had distinct roles. Newspapers and their websites were the most reputable source of news for 51 per cent of respondents. The next highest response was newspapers on their own, at 37 per cent, while free-to-air television was third on 28 per cent. Magazines received the lowest response at four per cent. While credibility and trust begins with the masthead, the report said that it appeared to be extending to newspaper websites as well. The report canvassed the views of 1,029 Australians aged 14-69 and was conducted between January 30 and February 6 last year by Celsius Research


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