Most journalists use social media such as Twitter and Facebook as a source

A US survey has revealed that an overwhelming majority of reporters and editors use social media sources for researching their stories as 56 percent say social media is important for reporting and producing the stories they wrote. However, with 84 percent most journalists use information delivered via social media rather cautiously as they think it is less reliable than information delivered via traditional media. According to the research conducted by Cision and The George Washington University, for their online research all journalists are using Google, followed by 61 percent which are turning to Wikipedia. Among social media 89 percent of journalists make use of blogs while conducting their online research, while 96 percent turn to corporate websites. Social networking sites like Facebook or LinkedIn by comparision are only slowly keeping up as two-thirds of the journalists turn to them during their online research, while only about half of them make use of the micro-blogging site Twitter. “Mainstream media have clearly hit a tipping point in their reliance on social media for their research and reporting,” said Heidi Sullivan, Vice President of Research for Cision. “However, it’s also clear that while social media is supplementing the research done by journalists, it is not replacing editors’ and reporters’ reliance on primary sources, fact-checking and other traditional best practices in journalism.” According to the research, journalists are adapting the new tools, but they do it carefully. Almost half the journalists responding to the survey expressed concerns about a lack of fact-checking or reporting-standards


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