Fast Clip: Digital Coupon Growth Far Outpacing Newspaper Coupons, Online Company Says

Growth in digital coupons is far outpacing those inserted into newspapers, according to new information released by On Monday, the site released its annual data regarding digital coupons, reporting an increase in printed savings of over 170 percent in 2009. But compared with growth metrics for newspaper coupons (which range between 8 and 16 percent), digital coupons outpaced the growth of their newspaper counterparts by more than 10 to 1. More than 45 million American consumers (more than a fifth of the U.S. population) are now using online coupons, the findings stated, up from 38 million in 2008. Of that number, nearly a third (13.1 million) don’t clip coupons from their Sunday paper, a 140 percent increase over 9.4 million in 2008., which is in the business of offering online coupons, did not release any figures on print newspaper coupon use. Late last month, Marx Promotion Intelligence, the best-known organization for measuring preprinted Free standing insert (FSI) coupons said the number of “coupons dropped,” that is carried by newspapers, was up 8 percent in 2009 to more than 272 billion pages.


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