Facebook Spain raises minimum age to 14

Facebook has raised the minimum age to join its social networking site from 13 to 14 according to information released Thursday by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD). Up until now the minimum age to join Facebook was 13, in line with US legislation. Thursday’s decision brings Facebook in line with Spanish legislation, which dictates that information of the kind exchanged on Facebook cannot be shared by children under the age of 14 and is a response to a personal request from the AEPD’s director, Artemi Rallo. Spain is the only country where Facebook has increased its minimum age for people to join its social network. The AEPD has had a number of meetings with those in charge of the various social networking sites, and in last July’s meeting with the board of Facebook in Spain, Artemi Rallo asked for the minimum age to be raised and also asked for measures to be implemented to limit access to under-14s. The director of the AEPD has now convened another meeting with the directors of Facebook to discuss outstanding demands and in particular, privacy issues, which the network’s recent updates provoked amongst users.



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