Cyprus TV newsreader murder trial postponed

A TV newsreader accused of ordering the killing of the boss who had just sacked her is going on trial in Cyprus. Elena Skordelli is alleged to have paid for Andis Hadjicostis, the head of Dias, to be shot in Nicosia last month. Her brother, Tassos Krasopoulos – with whom she owns 20 percent of Dias, the island’s largest media group – and another man deny murder and conspiracy to murder. The prosecution says the siblings tried to buy a majority share in Dias in the days immediately after the murder. Mr Hadjicostis was shot at close range outside his home. The suspected gunman is still at large abroad and police have issued an international arrest warrant for his capture. The Dias group consists of radio and television stations, a daily newspaper and several magazines. It was initially thought the murder had been linked to the Dias group’s opposition to UN plans to reunite Cyprus, after bullets believed to have come from the Turkish occupied north of the island were found at the scene of the crime. But police rejected this theory, saying they had identified the attackers using CCTV footage


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