New translation website will offer new take on news from Arabic world

A new website aimed at improving relations between Arabic and western nations through real-time translation has gone live. Meedan, which has been running as a beta site for nine months, uses new machine-assisted translation technology and human editors to provide news and an online network for Arabic and English-speaking users. The not-for-profit site is focused on local views of news events, uploaded by users, to provide an alternative perspective on reportage on Arabic news away from traditional western news organisations and agency coveragugh the machine-assisted translation engine and then worked on by human editors to improve the quality of translation. Article links posted to the site by users will be translated on the spot. The editorial team will encourage users to contribute their own translations, links and comments to the system by scouring through Arabic and western mede. Every piece of user-generated content posted to the site will first be put through sources and translating relevant content. The project has five core staff, 15 translators and roughly 10 editors, mostly based in the Middle East

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