Textbooks that Professors can rewrite digitally

In a kind of Wikipedia of textbooks, Macmillan, one of the five largest publishers of trade books and textbooks, is introducing software called DynamicBooks, which will allow college instructors to edit digital editions of textbooks and customize them for their individual classes. Professors will be able to reorganize or delete chapters; upload course syllabuses, notes, videos, pictures and graphs; and perhaps most notably, rewrite or delete individual paragraphs, equations or illustrations. While many publishers have offered customized print textbooks for years — allowing instructors to reorder chapters or insert third-party content from other publications or their own writing — DynamicBooks gives instructors the power to alter individual sentences and paragraphs without consulting the original authors or publisher. Clancy Marshall, general manager of DynamicBooks, said the publisher reserved the right to “remove anything that is considered offensive or plagiarism,” and would rely on students, parents and other instructors to help monitor changes


One thought on “Textbooks that Professors can rewrite digitally

  1. John Soares

    I do think that there will be sufficient safeguards to prevent major problems with DynamicBooks. I’ve seen concerns elsewhere about profs abusing the editing privileges, but I think that’s overblown.


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