Survey: Newspaper Web Sites Still Top Source for Local Info But Competition is Closing In

More people go to newspapers Web sites for complete local information than any other source, according to a new survey from the Newspaper Association of America and comScore. Of the more than 3,000 adults surveyed, 57 percent chose newspaper Web sites as the top source for local information. The survey was conducted by comScore in November 2009 and is based on a nationally representative sample of adults who use Web sites within the comScore panel. However, the survey reveals that the competition is moving in. While 57 percent of identified newspapers as the top source of local information, 54 percent cited online portals while 53 percent went with local TV web sites. The respondents also rely more on portals for local information (31 percent) followed by local newspaper Web sites (23 percent)and local TV Web sites (22 percent). Newspapers have a tiny lead when it comes to being the most trust worthy local source. Thirty-three percent said newspaper sites while 32 percent said local TV Web sties. The source used most often by respondents by content type? Newspaper Web sites had only 30 percent of the vote for local news versus 31 percent for local TV sites. Newspaper Web sites bested other sources for local classifieds: 39 percent of respondents look to newspapers Web sites for that category – far and away more than the next source, specialty Web sites at 14 percent. Even when asked which source is most credible for local news, 35 percent said newspapers. Thirty-two percent said local TV. Newspapers easily won that contest with classifieds: 43 percent of those surveyed said newspapers are the most credible source for classifieds. On the advertising front, more people trust newspaper Web sites — 36 percent — than any other source including local TV (23 percent).


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