Nexus One UK launch set for April

Google’s much-hyped Nexus One smartphone is set for UK launch in April, according to a new report in The Daily Telegraph, with the web giant no doubt hoping the device will make a bigger splash than it did on its US launch. At present UK consumers can purchase an unlocked version of the phone from Google’s website, although Google has been in discussions with network operator Vodafone for some time now about providing the device on contract to its customers

However, despite Vodafone being keen on a March launch, sources close to both companies confirmed to The Daily Telegraph that April is the more realistic time frame for the UK launch. According to the official Google site for the Nexus One, the device is still listed as “coming soon to Europe” in spring 2010.

Despite huge expectations of the smartphone, Google’s first own-branded device has met with a fairly luke warm reception from commentators and been beset with support and 3G connectivity issues. Many users complained that it is unclear which company is responsible for customer support; the phone manufacturer, HTC, the US network carrier, T-Mobile, or Google itself.

Others complained about the slow response times from Google to complaints and the lack of a manned customer service support line, although this latter problem has now been addressed. The web giant also released an over-the-air software update for the handset to enable new features and fix the widely reported connectivity problems, although sales still remain sluggish compared to the huge numbers of iPhones that Apple shifted on its launch.

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