Brazil leans on South America to adopt its digital TV standard

Brazil is lobbying hard to get the rest of Latin America to adopt the Brazilian version of the Japanese digital television standard, as Argentina, Chile, Peru and Venezuela have already done. This week, it offered Uruguay USD 40m in aid if the incoming government backs out of its agreement with the European Union to adopt the DVB standard used in Europe and other parts of the world. During a brief visit to Montevideo, Brazilian Communications Minister Helio Costa pressed the advantages offered by the ISDB-Tb (Japanese standard – Brazilian version) in meetings with representatives of the incumbent government of Tabaré Vázquez and the incoming administration of José Mujica, both of whom belong to the left-wing Broad Front coalition. The Brazilian government’s aim is to persuade Mujica, who took office on 1 March, to reconsider the 2007 agreement reached by the Vázquez administration with the EU and adopt the ISDB-Tb standard, Mr Costa said in this interview with IPS at the end of his meeting with Uruguayan officials.


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