India newspaper offices attacked

Two newspaper offices have been attacked in India’s Karnataka state in unrest over an article allegedly written by the writer Taslima Nasreen. Two Muslim protesters were killed in clashes with police after the article, which challenges the Muslim practice of veil wearing, appeared in local papers. An unidentified group vandalised the office of the Kannada Prabha newspaper, which carried the article, police said. Ms Nasreen has denied writing the article for the newspaper. She said a translated version in the Kannada language of a previously written piece had been “doctored” to malign her. Ms Nasreen fled her native Bangladesh in 1994 after receiving death threats relating to a book she had written. Muslims said her work was offensive to them. She left India in 2008 after further protests and went to live in Sweden. map The appearance of the article in the Kannada Prabha newspaper, whose offices were attacked by a mob on Tuesday night, triggered protests in the Shimoga and Hassan areas. Police said a group of 10 masked men attempted to set the newspaper’s office in Mangalore on fire after dousing the premises with petrol, but firemen extinguished it in time. The police said the same group attacked another newspaper office in the area


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