Facebook stalking becomes even easier

Facebook users will from next month be able to track where their friends are at any given time, while a new Twitter feature will plot tweets on a Google Map, according to reports. At Facebook’s yearly developer conference next month, dubbed f8, the social networking site plans to unveil a new feature allowing its 400 million users to share their current location with friends, The New York Times reported. The company has previously foreshadowed the feature, recently updating its privacy policy to clarify that should a location sharing feature be implemented, users will have a choice over whether they participate. The Times reported that the new location feature will have two aspects – one allowing users to share their location information next to content they post on the site, and another allowing outside developers, such as the makers of the Foursquare location-sharing app, to offer location-based services to Facebook users. About a quarter of Facebook users access the site from their mobile phone and the location feature will enable mobile users to keep friends in the loop about their movements. It will also enable Facebook to earn more money by delivering highly targeted ads based on the user’s location. Twitter already has a feature allowing users to add their location to tweets but this will soon be expanded to allow users to see a tweeter’s location plotted on a Google Map, according to TechCrunch. The feature briefly went live this week but was switched off soon after. It is expected to be officially unveiled at the SXSW event later this month



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