France’s historic national daily, France-Soir, is back

France-Soir, a historic title with its roots dating back to the French resistance, was re-launched Wednesday by Alexander Pugachyov, the son of Russia’s most influential billionaire oligarchs, Business Week reported. EUR 20m have been invested in the newspaper’s publicity efforts to announce the launch and claim a spot beside competitor titles like Le Parisien, Le Monde and Le Figaro, according to Business Week. The launch will see 500,000 printed copies at an initial price of 50 cents, which is half the price of competing newspapers like Le Parisien and Aujourd’hui en France. The newly launched title is more colourful, with an unchanged volume of 40 pages, Ennahar Online reported. Pugachyov told Ennahar Online that the paper will focus on exclusive photographs even if it’s expensive. Since its acquisition last year by the Russian oligarch for 50 million euro, the paper has been expanding its newsroom staff size from 40 journalists to 100, a spokeswoman for the newspaper told Business Week. She added that the revamped title targets a daily circulation of 150,000 to 200,000 copies, and will eventually position France-Soir as the fourth largest national daily in the country.


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