Internet use overtakes TV in Canada

Canadians now spend more time basking in the glow of their computer screens than curled up in front of the television, but it’s not yet time to plan a funeral for TV. “It’s not like TV is going to disappear in the next few years,” says Alfred Hermida, a journalism professor at the University of British Columbia. “Television is incredibly powerful, but perhaps what we’re going to have is more of the divided attention.” Hermida agrees with other experts who suggest that swelling hours of Internet use mask the fact that people are increasingly watching TV content online. He also suspects much of that Internet and TV time overlaps, and says the Internet could transform the traditionally one-sided medium of television into something more engaging as people chat in real-time on their laptops about the program they’re watching on TV. Ipsos Reid reported on Monday that for the first time since the polling company began tracking media usage, Canadians are spending more time online than watching TV, at 18.1 hours per week compared to 16.9. Internet use is up from 14.9 hour last year and TV time is also on the rise, from 15.8 hours, while other media such as newspapers, radio and magazines have held steady


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