Minister opposes YLE financing from national budget

Finnish Minister of Defence Jyri Häkämies has rejected calls for financing the operations of the Finnish Broadcasting Company – YLE – from the national budget. YLE currently gets most of its revenue from television licence fees. “In the current economic situation I feel that it is unrealistic to find an extra 500 million euros a year for YLE. It would require tax increases, or a list of cuts. Nobody who is proposing budget financing of YLE has said where the money would come from,” Mr Häkämies said in a radio interview with YLE’s regional service in Kymenlaakso. Mr Häkämies is in favour of a model that would follow the lines put forward by a parliamentary committee, which recently unanimously proposed securing YLE financing with a special media fee, which would be paid by all households. A proposal for financing YLE from the state budget was put forward recently by Minister of Communications Suvi Lindén who, like Mr Häkämies, is from the moderate conservative National Coalition Party.


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