New York Times publishes a daily video from its newsroom

On Monday, the New York Times launched a daily video on its website, not only summarising the big news stories of the day, but making it clear that it is now a multichannel platform, with several senior editors taking part in the daily news show. For the video webcast, called TimesCast, senior editors look at the top stories the Times is following. It features scenes from meetings of the paper’s editors discussing the events, and a Q&A with editors and reporters explaining the story backgrounds, as well as adverts for external companies. “It’s not just straight, breaking news, it’s talking about the way the New York Times is looking at the story ā€“ our analysis, our particular take on the story,” said Ann Derry, the paper’s editorial director for video and television on the Times blog Media Decoder. With the daily TimesCast, the New York Times is taking the transparency of a news organisation to a new level. TimesCast will appear every day on at 1pm local time (1700 GMT), explaining the Times’s journalistic perspective on the most important news stories ā€“ hours before delivering the finished product. It is clear that the New York Times is now more eager to explain the process of delivering the news to their readers, than being afraid of providing their rivals too much insight.


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