Random Guardian offers users a new way to browse online news

Procrastinators now have a new tool to help them postpone their to-do list while gaining a wider grasp of the daily news: Random Guardian. The browsing tool offers users a chance to check out a random page from that day’s Guardian with the click of a button. Visiting the website http://random-guardian.appspot.com/ brings your browser to a random Guardian page with a toolbar at the top which offers the clickable option to “view another” when you are done with your current page. The app’s creator, Guardian software developer Daniel Vydra, was inspired by the idea of a “chatroulette for news” mentioned at a presentation on new media. The result is a way to browse the online version of the Guardian as one might do with the paper version. With the advent of searchable, indexed newspaper websites, no longer do consumers have to flip through each page of articles until they arrive on one that they were specifically looking for. Now, readers can gain a wider grasp of the news and perhaps a newfound interest in surprising topics or articles.


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