LinkEdIn to open office in Canada

California-based social networking site LinkEdIn is planning to open an office in Canada to better serve the needs of two million Canadians who are members of the site. The portal decided to expand its operations in Canada by LinkEdIn after a doubling in number of members from one to two million in just 12 months. The 100 percent rise in Canadian members of the Website, which connects professionals online, makes Canada one of the fastest growing segment in LinkedIn’s members which counts about 200 countries. LinkedIn Vice President of International Operations Arvind Rajan said the company also based its decision to open a Canada office on Ottawa’s large educated work force, strong economy and high rate of social media membership. The portal links professional with recruiters. The average LinkedIn Canadian member comes from a household with an income of over USD 110,000 and about 40 years old. Membership is equally divided between males and females. Those on the executive level are usually working for Fortune 500 companies. LinkedIn currently has 60 million members all over the world, 50 percent of whom live in the U.S. The company’s Canada office will be its sixth worldwide. LinkEdIn also has offices in India, the Netherland and Australia.

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