‘Boston Globe’ Launches Online Op-Ed Feature, ‘The Angle’

The Boston Globe is launching a new feature in its Boston.com Web site that encourages online discussion about Globe articles and coverage. “The Angle: Stories Worth Talking About” provides a selection of current articles from all areas of the Globe’s coverage. Each day one particular story is highlighted with links to past coverage, interviews with opinion leaders and other reactions to the piece. “By bringing together articles with a strong discussion point from all areas of our reporting, The Angle will help our online readers to become more engaged in the issues and subjects of high interest to them and the community at large,” said Peter Canellos, the Globe’s editorial page editor. The Angle includes links to original documents, related news stories, and opinion pieces on a topic with the goal of making it easier for readers to dig deeper into important issues facing the region and the nation. Readers can also rely on The Angle to expose them to new ideas that may not have caught their attention before,” the Globe announcement said. “The Angle provides links to many of the Globe’s columns, editorials and blogs.”



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