HuffPo Launches Separate ‘Twitter Edition’; More Focus On Real-Time News

The Huffington Post is launching a “Twitter edition” that is intended to serve as an extension and a distinct entity from the main news and opinion site, the company said. The primary purpose is to harness the social networking aspects of the site to create a real-time news service for each of HuffPo’s 19 sections. “The idea is to produce an entirely separate edition from The Huffington Post with the same kind of content we always have provided—but super-charged, if you will, for Twitter users,” chairman Lerer said. At least at first, HuffPo readers will not be going straight to the Twitter edition. As Huffington said, the Twitter edition front page is still in the works. “We want to see how people use the Twitter edition and that will influence how we create the front page for it,” she said. She described the integration of the Twitter format into HuffPo as a natural step for them. “Twitter has become an essential means of newsgathering and sharing. But readers want someone who can sift through all the feeds and curate the best, most relevant news. And that’s our role.” She noted that editors of the 19 HuffPo sections, including the local sites, will be the curators of the corresponding Twitter edition verticals, which include politics, technology, entertainment and other channels


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