Israel Lifts Order of Silence in Journalist’s Spying Case

The Israeli authorities on Thursday partly lifted a gag order on a highly sensitive case involving a young Israeli journalist who is being charged with serious espionage. Anat Kam, a journalist and former Israeli Army soldier, in court in January. She is accused of passing documents to a reporter. The suspect, Anat Kam, 23, is accused of stealing more than 2,000 military documents during her compulsory army service from 2005 to 2007 and leaking them to a reporter, Uri Blau. Ms. Kam served in the office of the commander of the Central Command, which is responsible for the West Bank. Ms. Kam is expected to go on trial this month. If found guilty, she could face about 14 years in jail. A comprehensive, court-imposed order had prevented any reporting of the affair in Israel, though many of the details had already been widely exposed abroad. A furor broke out in Israel over the order in recent days. Israeli officials argued on Thursday that the news blackout had been necessary while the authorities were in negotiations with Mr. Blau.                                                                                                         


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