Labour passes seriously flawed Digital Economy Bill in ill-judged rush to win votes on a pseudo-populist issue

The British Parliament on Thursday approved plans to crack down on digital media piracy by authorizing the suspension of repeat offenders’ Internet connections. Following the House of Commons late Wednesday, the House of Lords on Thursday approved the bill after heavy lobbying from the music and movie industries, which say they suffer huge losses from unauthorized copying over the Internet. The law makes Britain the second large European country, after France, to approve a so-called graduated response system, under which online copyright violators face temporary suspensions of their Internet accounts if they ignore warning letters to stop. The anti-piracy plan is part of a broader bill aimed at stimulating the development of the digital economy in Britain. Many of the original proposals in the bill were dropped in the rush to complete the legislation before national elections set for May 6. These included a plan to impose a tax on telephone lines to finance the expansion of faster broadband connections to remote areas. Under the proposal, every telephone landline was to be subject to a levy of 50 pence, or 76 U.S. cents, a month. Also dropped was a plan to use public money to finance local television news reports on ITV, a commercial broadcaster

Editor’s CommentI ‘was’ a lifelong Labour supporter. Now because of this stupid authoritarian bill granting almost dictatorial powers to the ‘music industries’ I shall vote against Labour at the forthcoming General Election and urge everyone to do the same. We shall see unjust case after unjust case pass through the courts of our land until the judiciary kill this idiotic and undemocratic bill 


One thought on “Labour passes seriously flawed Digital Economy Bill in ill-judged rush to win votes on a pseudo-populist issue

  1. Andrew Turvey

    My Labour MP, I’m glad to see, was one of the ring leaders of the failed revolt against this bill. Nick Palmer described it as a “stitch up by the three front benches” who nodded it through.


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