US author says China media can’t cover Google book

The author of a new book about Google will not promote it in China next month because he says the government is restricting the Chinese media’s writings about the company since it moved its search engine off the mainland to avoid censorship. The publisher of the Chinese edition and publicity agents for the tour believe Ken Auletta’s book tour no longer made sense, because even if Chinese media attend, they won’t be able to report anything, the author said in a phone interview late Wednesday. “Googled: The End of the World as We Know It,” by the New Yorker magazine writer was published in the U.S. last Autumn by Penguin Press, and state-owned China Citic Press bought the rights to translate and publish the Chinese edition. Auletta said he didn’t know whether the restrictions mean his book won’t be published in China at all. The Chinese publisher bought the rights to Auletta’s book before Google kicked off a tussle with the Chinese government in January, threatening to shut down its China-based search engine unless the Communist Party loosened its restrictions on free speech. Google then moved its search engine last month to the Chinese territory of Hong Kong, a former British colony with broader legal and political freedoms. Since then, reporters and editors for China’s state-run media have said they’ve been restricted in what they write about Google, being told to treat the company’s move as a business dispute and to paint Google’s motives as political.


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