Best weblog award goes to Internet platform goes to –

The winners of the Deutsche Welle Blog Awards were announced Thursday. The prize “Best Weblog” was awarded to, a team of Africans and Americans who developed a community-based software program. “Ushahidi” is a Swahili word meaning testimony. The Web site offers open source software that each user can freely download and change as needed. Ushahidi was first developed to track instances of violence following the 2008 elections in Kenya. The “crowdsourcing” platform has since been used following disasters like the recent earthquake in Haiti. Users can send information via text messages or e-mail to Ushahidi about where victims are located or where help is needed. By collecting information from users on the ground, Ushahidi serves as an interactive map that can help aid organizations plan and execute their efforts. The jury members “were impressed by this great project that can be used in Haiti and elsewhere in order to help people,” said Gabriel Gonzales, Project Manager for the Deutsche Welle Blog Awards and moderator of the jury panel. The Deutsche Welle Best of Blog Awards (called the BOBs) honor outstanding weblogs, podcasts and videoblogs from throughout the world. The jury as well as user voters select winners in 11 languages and 17 categories each year, making the BOBs the biggest international prize for bloggers.,,5470519,00.html


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